For children with extreme behavior or health issues, leaving the home can be challenging. We are currently working to raise funds in order to provide a gym on wheels that will help children and families receive access to our services. You can help our vision come to life with a donation, or provide insite to how this service would be most beneficial. Please see "GET INVOLVED" or "DONATE" to find out how. 


Yoga is known to have a positive impact in these areas ​

  • Mobility

  • Communication

  • Social/Emotional

  • Sensory Processing

  • Self-regulation

Incorporating children with special needs into a yoga class of mixed ability ranges opens up a lot of new opportunities. Adaptive yoga  allows for  children with disabilities to participate in a yoga class with understanding and specialized training to modify when necessary.

Teaching typically developing children the importance of acceptance and understanding that others may not think, move, or act the same as them is an invaluable lesson in compassion.

All are invited to join. Even parents! 

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 1 A Cinchris Dr, Fairfield, Ohio 45014, United States

 1 A Cinchris Dr, Fairfield, Ohio 45014, United States